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Perspective Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor

Right before Sundance, we started working on a series of videos for the Dolby Institute’s Sound Fellowship. We’ve interviewed filmmakers who've been granted the fellowship and spoken with them on independent filmmaking and how partnering with Dolby has influenced their films. Our first video was for “Perspective Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor”, which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival in the New Frontier venue.  New Frontier is known for showcasing the latest in filmmaking technology and innovations, and 2016 was all about VR. “Perspective Chapter 2” is the first VR film mixed in Atmos.  The Atmos mix was the final touch, bringing the viewer as close as possible to total immersion in the film (actually: it's four films, each filmed from a different perspective, so the viewer has a different experience dependent on which experience they choose). Some interviews were shot at the Dolby Institute in LA the week before the film went to the festival, and the remainder were shot at the Specular Theory offices, also in LA, after the festival. Of all the videos in this series, this is the only one with Ceri Thomas, one of the pioneering engineers behind the Dolby's Atmos technology. Our next video for the Dolby Institute releases in June, concurrent with the theatrical release of the film it features. Hint: another much-buzzed about Sundance premiere, with mixed audience reactions, and the dynamic directing duo that took home one of the top awards...


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January 2016